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frequently used. This trip report covers what is considered the middle section of the Vermilion River. Due to the steep rocks bordering the river, portaging is practically impossible. High, steep cliffs of sedimentary rock appear in several places along the lake. Whether it is canoeing, kayaking or tubing on the Middle Fork of the Vermilion River - Illinois’ only National Scenic river, trail riding through the challenging single-track trails, hiking or running the forested trails through abandoned strip mining spoils reclaimed by nature, or fishing the deep, clear ponds, Kickapoo Adventures is your source for adventure. Graveyard Lake - is 1 1/2 miles long with a predominant growth of white birch and poplar. All lakes are interconnected by the Vermillion River, Distance : Approximately 43 miles But the portage proves to be the best one on the entire route. Post Lake - is approximately 4 miles long and a change in the surrounding vegetation occurs slowly as one proceeds down the lake. The Wabash tributary flows south, while the other Vermilion River flows north to the Illinois River. Thor Lake, Edna Lake, Danae Lake, Post Lake, Graveyard Lake. lake a large bay is situated on the west shore, where a large field offers an excellent campground. *Information about Kennekuk County Park is available from the Vermilion County Conservation District, 22296-A Henning Road, Danville, IL 61834, or by phone at 217-442-1691. Spring would be the best time to take this route, since the water level would be much higher than the late summer. Quiet sections of the river are runnable well below four feet. Landings are rocky add moderately sloped with moderate ease of docking. The route runs in a southeastarly direction to the lower end of Oshawong Lake where a portage is located, which leads to Shack Lake. Canoe the Vermilion provides all canoe equipment, instruction and transportation to let you experience and enjoy the beauty of four Illinois Valley waterways; Vermilion River, Illinois River, Fox River and the Illinois and Michigan Canal Waterway. At the southern end, the lake narrows into a small dvar which runs into Danae Lake. An extremely shallow and rocky narrows is situated midway down the lake and caution is required when going through this section of water. both Shack and Oshawong Lakes are fished quite heavily, but no tentsites are situated in this connecting stretch. If the latter is necessary, it can be done on the right shore. There are two remaining sets of fast, shallow water before reaching Bass Lake, 100 and 150 feet in length, and even with low water conditions, no problems should be encountered. A short 100 yards later, you encounter another set of rapids which may be run providing the water is high. Canoes and tandem kayaks, as per the new guidelines, can only be rented to residents of the same household. The 2,000 foot trail is along two roads, making it an easy portage to travel. An old s1uiceway is present and depending on the water conditions, may have to be portaged. Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. There are also two Little Vermilion rivers, one flowing into the Wabash River and one into the Illinois. Surrounded by the Superior National Forest, Burntside State Forest and the Kabetogama State Forest, the park has long been a favorite stop on the way to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Voyageurs National Park. Another option, call Lynn from Voyager North out of Ely, they can probably provide the canoes and tow (I think). Danae Lake - is about one mile long and is much shallower than the previous two, with the odd red pine among the poplar and birch vegetation. This website uses cookies for various purposes, including enhancing your website experience. Rent a canoe, kayak or SUP from the Banff Canoe Club, located at the corner of Wolf Street and Bow Ave, in downtown Banff. of Portages: 36 . From the docks, paddlers can choose to explore the gentle section of the Bow River or follow forty mile creek into Vermilion Lakes. The length is 1600 faet with a,|stee? Baseline Lake - harbours much the same type of terrain as Proudfoot. A beaver dam situated approximately one mile from Graveyard makes a liftover necessary into another stretch of fast water. This 200-foot carry can be done either along the railroad tracks or directly over the log jam. From the western edge of Hastings to the falls, the River enters a much different urban landscape. The drainage area of the river is 903 square miles. Use without permission is prohibited. This leads into Camp Island Lake. est RIVER MILE 42.3 Vermilion Dam. Another portage is located ad the lower end of the lake which leads into the upper end of Thor Lake. There is a large build-up of logs and driftwood at the south end of the lake, due to the shallow water conditions which may prove hazardous to a canoeist. The Vermilion Lakes are a series of lakes located immediately west of Banff in the Bow River Valley. Posted: October 23rd, 2020, 10:16 pm . A half mile farther down, a 100 foot stretch of rapids, makes another portage necessary along the large boulders on the right side, A shore distance below, a 1300 foot stretch of shallow water is encountered, and the water conditions dictate whether this stretch can be run or if it has to be portaged. Bass Lake - is 1 3/4 miles in length, with a mature stand of poplar on the east shore and rocky terrain on the west.

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